Reflecting your intentions

  Le reflet de vos intentions

Your Subtitle text

Translation - French to English
  • The expression of your texts in English, perfectly and aptly interpreted.

For example:

  • Company literature (brochures and web content);
  • Administrative documentation (health and social security forms and correspondence); and
  • Creative writing (plays and books, essays and articles).


Copywriting and creative writing
  • Creation or improvement of your correspondence or literature.
  • Creative writing.
For example:
  • Company literature (brochures and web content);
  • Company or personal administration (correspondence with administrative organisms, service providers etc..);
  • Creative occasions (articles or essays, stories or speeches).

Communication - Building good relations
  • Analysis of your requirements and obligations.
  • Accompaniment to meetings.
  • Correspondence.

For example:

  • Clarification of communications with or between professional advisors;
  • Improving your understanding of your rights and obligations under the French health and welfare systems; and
  • Assisting in your communications with advisors and administrative organisations.

Administrative guidance Paperwork, post and bureaucracy
  • Finding your way through the bureaucratic maze.
  • Collection and forwarding of post.
  • Dealing with administrative tasks.
For example:
  • Helping you to function with confidence, ensuring that you understand and manage your rights and obligations in a bilingual setting;
  • Making appointments, arranging works or completing papers in accordance with your instructions; and
  • Placing and receiving orders in advance of your, or your clients' arrival.